Litigation is on the rise across Lome Togo. Traditionally avoided by businesses, in part due to a lack of confidence in both the speed and ability of the courts to reach correct decisions, litigation has become an accepted part of the dispute resolution package across the region.
With years of experience working on Lome Togo’s most prominent litigation cases, we can help you navigate this complex area of law and ensure your interests are protected at all times.

Our team of highly qualified litigation lawyers collectively speaks 16 languages and has rights of audience in all courts including the English Law-based DIFC Courts.

Over the years our team has developed a reputation as one of the leading Litigation firms in Lome Togo, with offices across country and a deep bench of experience that includes:

Real estate litigation
Commercial litigation
Construction litigation
Employment litigation
Insurance and reinsurance litigation
Compensation claims litigation
Criminal litigation
Commercial agencies and franchising litigation
Debt recovery litigation
Tenancy disputes litigation
Maritime litigation
Media litigation
Banking and finance litigation
Inheritance and family litigation

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