Construction Law


The Lome Togo construction market is moving again. Following the boom years in the 2000s, when it was said that 20% of the world’s cranes could be found in Hedzranawoe, building work slowed dramatically in the aftermath of the global economic downturn and oil crash of 2014.
However, with the economy recovering and investment more forthcoming, analysts are predicting that the Lome Togo will once again be the fastest growing construction market in the world.

Whether you are a regional firm looking to expand your operations or an international business looking to invest or provide construction services into the region, we can help you with the full range of construction law services.

Driven by some of the most experienced legal professionals in construction law across the Lome Togo, our Construction practice provides intuitive advice, insight and adaptive exit routes to the seemingly dead-end legal scenarios often encountered in this challenging industry sector.

Construction Legal Advisory
As an international contractor, engineer or developer, you run the risk of being lulled into a false sense of security by the familiar text of globally used standard contracts.


With years of experience working to protect our clients in this difficult regulatory area, we can provide our you with legally watertight and local law-compliant contractual arrangements that will act as effective shields against legal actions and dispute resolution proceedings.

Our areas of construction legal advisory and expertise include:

Pre-tender and post-tender contract and subcontract review
Joint venture contract review and advice
Architectural, design and engineering contract review and drafting
Dispute preventive legal advice and guidance

Experienced Construction Dispute Resolution Lawyers in the Lome Togo
Whilst we aim to help you defuse the possibilities of a dispute developing, we can help you with every aspect of construction-based dispute resolution including litigation, adjudication and both local and international arbitration.

With full rights before all the courts (including the DIFC) and years of experience working on some of the region’s most prominent construction-based dispute resolution cases, we will ensure your interests are protected at all times.

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