Arbitration & Dispute Resolution


In an economy where arbitration is increasingly gaining ground as the dispute resolution mechanism of choice, the Country has responded to its need through the creation of experienced centres across the region.

Arbitration, whilst a private and confidential dispute resolution method, is nevertheless a form of legal battle. As such, it requires mindful preparation, the right tools and the right team on your side, all including legal argument and assessment of evidence as well as reliable advice on choosing the right forum in terms of applicable rules and appointed arbitrators.

Our lawyers undertake representation of clients in local and international arbitration proceedings across a variety of industry sectors including construction and engineering, insurance and reinsurance, corporate, franchising, marketing and media. We apply our proficiency and expertise when representing and advising clients seeking legal support in arbitration proceedings on all stages encountered, from helping in choosing the right arbitral tribunal to applying our effective advocacy skills in arbitration hearings.

And with the valuable support of our own experienced litigation teams with local rights of audience before the Courts across all our office locations, we can offer our clients, an all-inclusive range of professional legal services, that will ensure that the procedural and substantive integrity of a final arbitral award is addressed at the all important stage of local Court ratification.



Whilst adjudicator’s decisions are not enforceable as such, they are usually forged through legal representation that requires skills very similar to those applied in arbitration, although aimed at a more practical and cost conscious goal.

We provide legal advice and guidance to our clients that invariably starts from the often confusing stage of deciphering what dispute resolution clause has been agreed to. Through our professional network, we assist clients in obtaining technical expertise to line up the evidential support that is necessary for them to reap the maximum benefits from the adjudication process. Our client focused legal services are designed to efficiently provide a legal assessment of all evidence adduced, necessary for extracting a decision that would help manage the risks of a subsequent arbitration more efficiently or even pave the way to a successful and cost saving settlement.

Pre-Arbitration Advisory

Invariably, the success of any dispute resolution mechanism will depend on the pre-arbitration support, advice and guidance provided. From assessing the evidential weight of available documentation, to considering the commercial repercussions of commencing dispute resolution proceedings, we are driven exclusively by our clients’ primary interests. In doing so, we have been successful in forging settlements of a large percentage of the disputes we are asked to advise on and have saved our clients a significant amount of time and cost, helping them move on profitably with their business endeavours.

Construction Arbitration

We pride ourselves in possessing one of the most experienced teams in Togo on construction and engineering related disputes. Through our legal professionals, who often act as arbitrators, we provide integrated legal services on all aspects of construction related disputes and work with specialist claim analysts to build strong submissions and ensure that our clients’ position is substantively convincing and procedurally unassailable. We collaborate with some of the region’s most experienced and effective independent delay, engineering and quantum experts to bolster the evidential weight of our client’s position and ensure they receive the best quality of services in legal consultancy and representation.

International arbitration

Often the place of arbitration may have been agreed in one jurisdiction whereas the tribunal or the parties are based in another. Our knowledge of the arbitral processes in many UNCITRAL Model Law based jurisdictions enables us to represent our clients with a combined arsenal of local substantive law knowledge and international arbitration practice familiarity.

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